Activating Document Lib Tree navigation using CSOM

Some of you looking for how to activate treeview metadata navigation using CSOM.

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At the moment i don’t see this in the api, maybe it comes in the next CUs. But i found following working around.

The metadata navigation settings are stored in the rootfolder of the document as property bag key “client_MOSS_MetadataNavigationSettings”.

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Prerequisites: In order to activate the navigation you need  include a metadata field in the document lib and “Meteadata navigation and Filtering” feature is activated in the site.

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In your CSOM code using the following function to activate the treeview.

private static void AddMetadataNavigationToDocLib(ClientContext ctx, List docLib)
	var rootWeb = ctx.Site.RootWeb;

	ctx.Load(rootWeb, p => p.AvailableFields);
	ctx.Load(docLib, p => p.RootFolder, p => p.RootFolder.Properties);

	if (rootWeb.AvailableFields.Any(p => p.InternalName.Equals(Common.Constants.TagsFieldName)))
		var field = rootWeb.Fields.GetByInternalNameOrTitle(Common.Constants.TagsFieldName);

		ctx.Load(field, p => p.Id, p => p.InternalName, p => p.TypeAsString);

		var sb = new StringBuilder();
		sb.Append("<MetadataNavigationSettings SchemaVersion='1' IsEnabled='True' AutoIndex='True'>");
		sb.Append("<NavigationHierarchies><FolderHierarchy HideFoldersNode='False' />");
		sb.AppendFormat("<MetadataField FieldID='{0}' FieldType='{1}' CachedName='{2}' CachedDisplayName='{3}' />", field.Id, field.TypeAsString, field.InternalName, field.InternalName);
		sb.Append("</NavigationHierarchies><KeyFilters /></MetadataNavigationSettings>");

		docLib.RootFolder.Properties["client_MOSS_MetadataNavigationSettings"] = sb.ToString();
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